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Template Leaflet orange (orange)

302192_en 302192_en

White, Gray

Template demo

The template provides a place for inserting a language selection menu, as well as a breakdown into 3 equivalent blocks in the header (left, center and right blocks). The blocks are also split into 3 lines. Section 1, 2 and 3 in styles (e.g. .header_section1).

.hotengine-wrap-container-side-left {display: block; }
.hotengine-wrap-container-side-right {display: block; }

This template is recommended to be used as a basis for your site.
Install the template and copy the CSS styling code from the https://hotlist.biz/templates/templates_leaflet/template_leaflet_flex_line_orange_302192/style.css in the design editor, in the CSS styles tab.